Playtech Casino Games

The number of games available to Playtech casino customers varies depending on whether you choose the Flash version of their casino software or the full download suite. Generally speaking, instant-play Playtech casinos only offer about 80 games; the rest of their game lineup is just too complex for Flash design. If you choose the download client, you can take your pick from hundreds of different casino games.

Let’s take a look at the various types of Playtech casino games, along with an example of one type of game per category.

Table Games

My personal favorite section of any Playtech casino is the table games section. That’s because under the table games category you’ll find all the classic casino games you find played on tables in places like Las Vegas and Macau. Table games at Playtech include blackjack, roulette, craps, and casino poker.

An example of a Playtech table game that I love is their multi-hand version of blackjack. With multi-hand blackjack, I can play up to five hands at once, playing according to standard blackjack rules. Throw in splits and double-downs, and five-hand blackjack can become quite the test of your mental acumen. See? Playtech blackjack has already improved my vocabulary.

Slot Machines

Online slot play is massively popular, so it makes sense that Playtech offers more slot games than any other type of casino gaming option. Playtech has licenses with lots of different groups, allowing them to release themed slot machines, which are extremely popular at Playtech casinos.

An example of a popular Playtech slot machine is Iron Man, a machine that’s based on the recent movie of the same name. Since the game is officially licensed, you’ll see actual images and video from the movie and popular comic book series.

Scratch Cards

Many people don’t realize that lotto-style scratch cards are available for play at online casinos. Most Playtech-powered casinos offer scratch card games that work just like scratchers you’d buy at your local gas station or grocery store, except there’s no mess or need for a penny to scratch off your card.

As of this writing, Playtech has 15 different scratch cards, each based on a licensed character, much like Playtech’s licensed slot machine games. The most popular Playtech scratch card, according to their website, is their Top Trumps Celeb scratch, which is based on the popular Donald Trump TV show “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Live Dealer Games

The latest thing in online gaming is live dealer games. These are traditional casino table games, like roulette and blackjack, that use webcam technology to prove a real live dealer instead of a computer generated one.

I love Playtech’s live dealer blackjack–obviously, my fascination with blackjack was heightened when they offered a real dealer I could watch handing out cards and running the game right there on my screen. Live dealer games make online casino play almost identical to real casino action, except that unfortunately Playtech still hasn’t found a way to send me a comp’d cocktail . . .

Playtech casino games cover just about anything you’d find in a standard casino. The main advantage to playing at a Playtech casino instead of a traditional casino/resort facility is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to take part in Playtech casino games.