Gambling and Casino Websites

This short list of gambling and casino website links is my personal hand-picked resources page. The links here are useful to all kinds of casino gamblers. And no, I’m not compensated in any way for linking to these sites.

Please don’t send me emails asking me to add a link to your gambling or casino website. I’m sure your site is lovely, but between teaching and chasing jackpots at Playtech casinos, I simply don’t have time to dig through link requests and stuff.

Hopefully these links will help you find a Playtech gambling home, educate you a little about gambling and the math behind it, and keep your gambling bankroll at least a little bit in the black.

Playtech – The official website of my favorite Internet casino software designer. Playtech’s website features news about upcoming titles and changes to their software as well as information about new casinos joining the Playtech team and other details about the online gaming industry.

Roulette – May the Odds Be With You – Roulette is probably my second-favorite casino game, after blackjack. I know that most bets on the roulette wheel offer pretty bad odds, but something about the spinning wheel and bouncing ball appeals to my inner child. This article is an in-depth look at roulette, roulette odds, and online roulette games.

CityClubCasino – My favorite place to play Playtech games, CityClubCasino offers 24/7 customer service through live chat, dedicated email addresses for different concerns, and toll-free numbers set up for citizens of different countries. I’m not telling you that YOU will like CityClubCasino as much as I do, just showing it off as an example of a good Playtech-powered Internet casino.

Urbino – If you want to look at Internet gaming from the operator’s point of view, check out Urbino. Written and edited by a group of Internet casino insiders, Urbino provides gambling business strategy advice, articles aimed at gambling executives, and even stock quotes and other news about Internet gambling businesses and software designers.

Casino Life Magazine – I don’t live near any tribal gaming or other land-based casinos, so when I do participate in bricks and mortar gambling, it’s usually on my annual trip to Europe. Casino Life Magazine is a publication aimed at the European gambling market, and helps me keep up to date on the latest in UK and European gambling.

Games of Chance – A relatively ad-free set of rules, advice, and tips about gambling on the Internet. It is rare to find a well-written source of online gaming advice that isn’t choked to death with spam and pop-ups. This is one of those sources.

Cruzino – I hate to use this cliche, but Cruzino is sort of my “one stop shop” for any questions I have about gambling, be they game rules, betting system advice, or even news and notes on hotel and casino properties around the world.

Gambling Advice – I recommend that all of my friends who start playing casino games online read Gambling Advice. It’s a great place to learn the basics of online gambling.  The site also links to other good resources, too.